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Some popular traditional Omani food items

The Omani people are well known for their hospitality and offers of refreshment. To be invited into someone's home will mean coffee (kahwa), a strong, bitter drink flavored with cardamom, and dates or halwa, a sticky sweet gelatinous substance which is made from brown sugar, eggs, honey and spices. It can be flavored with many different ingredients, such as nuts, rosewater or even chocolate. Lokhemat is another accompaniment to coffee, which are balls of flour and yeast flavored with cardamom and deep fried until golden then served with a sweet lime and cardamom syrup. The sweetness of this dish often counteracts the bitterness of the kahwa. Although spices, herbs, onion, garlic and lime are liberally used in traditional Omani cuisine, unlike similar Asian food, it is not hot. It is fairly simple, but by using various marinades and impregnating meat with spices, the result is a mouth-watering concoction which stimulates the taste-buds. Chicken, fish and mutton are regularly used in dishes. A favorite drink is laban, a salty buttermilk. Yoghurt drinks, flavored with cardamom and pistachio nuts are also very popular. To know more about other local cuisines of Oman, you must go to

A unique thrilling exterior view of forest theme based restaurant in Muscat, Oman

You are on a visit to Muscat in Oman and want a thrilling enjoyment or a wild feeling similar to a forest when you are not capable to visit any forest near soon then you should not worry too more. Go to Jungle restaurant in Muscat where you can see an unique forest based theme of entire place to feel you with the experience of a forest. Here you not only enjoy it's unique theme but you have a facility to enjoy various delicious traditional and popular food-items to extinguish your hunger fire. Located in the beautiful city of Muscat, Oman, The Jungle is a novel casual restaurant created along the tropical rainforest theme amidst lush foliage. The location and the ambiance of the restaurant complement the most to its unique venue. The restaurant offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural elements atypical of a rainforest- rain, thunder and lightning along with the sounds of a roaring dinosaur, chirping birds and other animals as you walk through it. So if you want to make your lunch or dinner as a lifetime memorable experience, you should must visit Jungle restaurant in Muscat, Oman at least once.

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