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Hayman Island, Australia

Hybris – The best eCommerce platform for B2B commerce and B2C commerce

Hybris is an enterprise-level eCommerce software suite that offers B2C and B2B store functionality. Currently, more than 2,500 stores use the Hybris (the lowercase is intentional) platform, boasting more than 20 million product SKUs and over 500,000 orders each day. Hybris has been a dominant enterprise platform mainly in the European market. With Hybris, you can choose to host your site yourself and simply use Hybris software to power it, or you can opt for a Hybris-hosted or cloud-based solution. Either way, you’ll have access to multiple sales channels, including B2C, B2B, mobile, and in-store access. Inventory management/content is housed centrally, and you’re able to pick and choose which products are view-able in each channel. This allows you to maximize your selling potential and display listings according to varying customer groups and segments. Read more at

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@BrockLesnar @HeymanHustle @wweuniverse-Complete F5 journey! #FansVoice

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#obsessedwith pandas

Mobile Mark

Mobile Mark established in 1984 and is a world class manufacturer of variety of antennas for multiple frequency and range, which can be applied to various instruments such as GPS, WI-Fi, Cellular M2M, LTE, RFID etc. We deliver a comprehensive product portfolio designed for high performance and trusted network solution. Please visit our website and explore the complete details for our products and services.

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